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About Us

Smart Marketing Solutions for Home Services Contractors.

As a premier marketing and advertising agency specializing in home services, we understand the unique challenges faced by contractors, distributors, OEMs, and franchises. Our approach is genuine—we test every solution in our own roofing company or a partner contractor's company before recommending it, ensuring what we offer is not just theory but proven practice.

The challenge is real: gaining customer trust, optimizing operations, managing online presence, and staying ahead of technology and regulations. These hurdles demand more than traditional marketing; they require a partner who's been in the trenches, equipped with strategies that work.

Our marketing, advertising and technology solutions are built on firsthand experience. With over a decade of bridging the gap between agency expertise and contractor needs, we're committed to the growth of the home services industry. We provide comprehensive marketing strategies and precise solutions to address your specific challenges, drawing on our extensive experience in digital marketing and the home services sector. Our own success in running a roofing company not only enriches our insights but also underscores our dedication to delivering real results.

Looking ahead, HomePro Marketing is embracing AI to elevate our services. Our goal is to surpass industry standards, offering our clients innovative, AI-enhanced solutions that promise consistent performance and scalable growth. By pioneering new platforms and strategies tailored for home services, we're not just keeping pace with the future of marketing—we're defining it.


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Brantley P Smith | CEO HomePro Marketing
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