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HomePro Marketing + Dope Marketing

Empower Your Business, Reach Local Homeowners Like Never Before.

Why Choose HomePro's Automated Direct Mail?

Your home services business is unique. We understand that. That's why HomePro Marketing, in partnership with Dope Marketing, brings you a cutting-edge, highly-targeted automated direct mail solution, designed specifically for contractors like you.

HomePro Marketing will manage all of your direct mail through our agency partner portal with Dope Marketing. This allows us to provide you with a lost cost alternative to signing up with Dope directly, plus we do all the work!

Why HomePro Marketing?

We're not just a service provider; we're your partner. With our expertise and Dope Marketing's robust platform, we're poised to elevate your home services business, ensuring you're always a step ahead in reaching local homeowners.

Subscription Details:

• Monthly Subscription: $149 (excluding Dope Marketing fees)
• Fully automated direct mail triggered directly from your CRM
• HomePro Marketing takes charge of the entire process, so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  1. Account Provisioning: We leverage our agency account to save you money and handle all the work!  We will leverage your brand-approved creative, or create new postcard creatives for your brand.
  2. Call Tracking & Recording: A dedicated call tracking number that points to your chosen destination - be it your main office, your cell number or even a call center. All calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.
  3. QR Code Provisioning: Engage with homeowners digitally! We provide a QR code linking to your brand website or a HomePro-designed landing page.
  4. Targeted Postcard Configurations:

    • New Lead Postcards:
    6x9 postcard dispatched to all fresh leads in your CRM. Guaranteeing that a homeowner receives it in approximately 2 days.
    • Neighbor Engagement Postcards:
    Share your successes! Send a "We Just Installed Your Neighbor's Roof" postcard to 50-200 neighbors surrounding your recently completed projects.
  5. Automated Acculynx Integration: We set up triggers in Acculynx and other popular CRMs to ensure seamless automation
  6. Quarterly Updates & Monitoring: We keep things fresh with quarterly creative updates (if needed). Our team also actively monitors automations, sets up new campaigns, and provides comprehensive reports on Calls and QR code activities.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Direct Mail Strategy?

Let HomePro Marketing handle the details, so you can enjoy the results. Subscribe today and unlock the potential of automated direct mail for your business.

It's easy and hassle-free.

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