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GBP PowerRank

Rank Higher in Google Maps

Rank Higher on Google Maps

Pricing & Commitment

For optimal results, GBP PowerRank runs on a subscription model. Here's how it works:

• Initial Phase: Choose from $999/month or $1,799/month subscription options. We recommend running for a minimum of 4 months for greatest effectiveness, but you can choose to run from 1-12 months. The longer you run, the more links and better ranking results. This phase is a deep-dive, aggressive approach to improve your ranking on Google's Map Pack for specific high-competition keywords.

• Maintenance Phase: After the initial period, the subscription drops to just $199/month. This ensures you retain your prime positioning without the heavy lifting.

Why HomePro Marketing?

Our expertise isn't just in digital marketing; it's in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented to home service contractors. With GBP PowerRank, we're offering more than a service; we're offering a chance to be the first choice for countless homeowners in your locality.

Your Google Business Profile (GBP) is more than just a listing. It's the front door to your business for countless local homeowners searching for services like roofing, HVAC, garage door solutions, and more. And with the majority of those homeowners making their decisions based on Google's "Map Pack" — that precious space of three highlighted businesses right beside the Google map — isn't it about time your business claimed its rightful spot there?

Introducing GBP PowerRank

GBP PowerRank by HomePro Marketing is an elite SEO solution tailored precisely for home service contractors looking to magnify their local presence and dominate Google's Map Pack.

Why GBP PowerRank?

1. Prime Real Estate on Google: The Map Pack is one of the most clicked sections by homeowners on Google search results when they're seeking local services. If your business isn't there, you're conceding potential clients to your competitors.

2. Outrank Even with Fewer Reviews: With our blend of advanced techniques, it's entirely possible to surpass competitors, even if they boast more reviews.

3. Triple-Tiered Publishing Technique: We don't stop at basic optimization. Our approach sends powerful signals to Google about your business's credibility by leveraging high-authority web properties.

4. Focused on Your Service: We emphasize the specific terms homeowners use to find local roofing and other home service providers. This way, you're not just visible; you're visible to the right audience.

How It Works

• Stage 1: Optimize your GBP by integrating products, services, and high-impact keywords. By understanding what local homeowners are searching for, we ensure your profile resonates with their needs.

• Stage 2: We deploy our robust 3-tiered publishing technique, sending undeniable signals of your business's credibility and stature in the industry. With HomePro Marketing, you're not just another listing; you're a validated, trustworthy service provider.

Rank Package

Affordable way to get started
$ 999 Monthly
  • 20 Blog Posts with Map Embeds with NAP
  • 20 High-Value Keyword Blog Links
  • Target Top 5 High Volume Keywords
  • Monthly Ranking Map Report by Keyword

Dominate Package

Most powerful option for faster ranking
$ 1799 Monthly
  • 40 Blog Posts with Map Embeds with NAP
  • 40 High-Value Keyword Blog Links
  • Target Top 5 High Volume Keywords
  • Monthly Ranking Map Report by Keyword

Ready to Command Your Local Market?

The digital landscape is competitive, but with GBP PowerRank, you’re equipped to stand out. Start today and let HomePro Marketing transform your local visibility. Because every homeowner’s click could be your next big project.

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