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LeadFlow for Acculynx

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Introducing LeadFlow:

Your Ultimate Solution for Streamlining Roofing Sales!

LeadFlow for Acculynx

Are you tired of dealing with the limitations of traditional roofing production software systems?

 Look no further! HomePro Marketing presents LeadsFlow – the game-changing solution that revolutionizes how you manage your leads and supercharges your sales process.

With LeadFlow, you'll experience a seamless and automated lead delivery system that ensures your sales reps receive leads instantly. No more delays or missed opportunities! Our solution acts as a powerful bridge, connecting your leads to an easy-to-use CRM and Acculynx effortlessly.

Experience the hands-free way to manage your leads and provide unparalleled communication to your prospective customers with LeadFlow. Take charge of your roofing sales like never before!

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your sales process. Get LeadFlow today and watch your appointments and profits soar!

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your sales process. Get LeadFlow today and watch your appointments and profits soar!

Here's how LeadFlow takes your sales game to the next level:

Instant Lead Delivery: Say goodbye to manual lead assignments! LeadFlow automatically assigns leads to your sales reps, making sure they can respond right away.

Swift and Personalized Responses: LeadFlow not only sends automatic email and text responses to your leads but also does so on behalf of the assigned sales rep. This personalized touch enhances communication and builds trust from the very start.

Boost Appointment Conversion Rates: We understand that every moment counts in sales. That's why LeadFlow prompts your sales reps to call the lead immediately after receiving it. This proactive approach significantly improves your appointment-setting conversion rate.

Short-Term Drip Campaign: LeadFlow incorporates a strategic 6-day drip campaign to nurture your leads effectively, maximizing the chances of converting them into valuable appointments.

Seamless Integration with Acculynx: LeadFlow seamlessly creates leads in Acculynx, directly assigning them to the respective sales rep. As your sales progress through different stages, LeadFlow automatically updates the lead's status in the CRM for enhanced tracking and organization.

Manage your leads and
supercharges your sales process Today!


Supercharges Your Success
Choose LeadFlow! Watch Your Business Success Takes Flight

It's easy and hassle-free.

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