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OEMs & Distributors

Contractor Ad Club programs and technology solutions for OEMs and distributors

Home Services OEM and Distributor Advertising Channel Marketing Partner

In the world of home services – from roofing to HVAC and beyond – the relationship between manufacturers, distributors, and local contractors is crucial. Manufacturers might make the products, but it's the local contractors who introduce these products to homeowners. To make this process smooth and beneficial for all parties involved, HomePro Marketing steps in with tailored advertising solutions.

Understanding Channel Marketing

Channel marketing isn’t just about moving products from manufacturers to distributors and then to contractors. It’s about ensuring that these products are actively promoted and sold to the end-users – the homeowners. The big challenge here? Making sure local contractors see the value in consistently choosing and promoting a particular product line. The solution is effective, contractor-centric advertising.

Optimizing Co-op Advertising Dollars!

We understand that manufacturers and distributors often have unspent co-op advertising dollars in their Local Ad Funds (LAF) and National Ad Funds (NAF). At HomePro, we strategically channel these unused funds to fuel potent advertising campaigns, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar..

HomePro’s Advertising Approach

HomePro’s expertise lies in creating advertising strategies that benefit everyone involved:

  1. For Contractors: Our advertising programs, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Programmatic Advertising, and more, help local contractors grow their market presence, get more leads, and boost their brand.
  2. For Manufacturers (OEMs): With our strategies, OEMs can ensure their brand is well-represented and gets the right exposure in local markets.
  3. For Distributors: Our programs not only help distributors sell more products but also provide them with insights into contractor buying patterns, helping them adjust their strategies accordingly.

Additionally, our advertising methods are versatile. Whether it's Addressable TV (OTT), Digital Radio, creating a unique contractor landing page, or driving traffic through the manufacturer's main website, we've got it all covered.

Join HomePro Marketing

At HomePro Marketing, we’re all about creating successful partnerships between manufacturers, distributors, and contractors. When homeowners look for a service, they aren’t just looking for someone to fix a problem; they’re looking for quality, trust, and reliability. And with our advertising strategies, that’s precisely what they’ll find.

So, if you’re in the home services industry and want to see growth, better relationships, and higher sales, it’s time to work with HomePro Marketing. Let’s succeed together.

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